Pak Janggut: Tabib Palsu

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Pak Janggut is the name of the Indonesian translation of the Dutch comic series, Douwe Dabbert, created by artist Piet Wijn and screenwriter Thom Roep.

Pak Janggut is an old man who looks like a dwarf who experiences various strange and supernatural adventures where he often encounters supernatural creatures and witches. He has a magic bundle from which he can take things he needs, either in ordinary times (such as food when hungry) or objects that can help him escape danger. For other people, this bag contains nothing, unless Mr. Beard allows that person to take something. In some of his stories, Pak Janggut is accompanied by a Dodo bird.

In all, Pak Janggut has starred in twenty-three comic books. From 1975 to 2001, in his native Netherlands, these stories were published as serials in the weekly magazine Donald Duck Weekblad. Part of the final story was drawn by Dick Matena because of Piet Wijn’s health problems. In Indonesia, Pak Janggut’s story was published in Bobo magazine as a serial story.


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